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After School Academic Enrichment

After School: Welcome

Kids Elite Club’s after-school academic enrichment program offers a flexible, personalized, and hands-on learning experience that immerses students in science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics, (STEAM), and languages (Mandarin and Spanish). Code Lesson, Scratch,  Cooking Class

The after-school program is provided during regular school days until 6:00 pm. We work with Alameda elementary schools —  Edison, and Otis —and their schedules to arrange prompt pick-up.
Attention, Transportation change request
We no longer offer transportation from Bay Farm and Earhart schools to our Kids Elite center. We welcome you to drop off at our center. Transportation is limited in our school buses.

We typically maintain an 8:1 student-to-staff ratio, so your child will receive ample attention, education, and supervision. 

After School: Academics


The Kids Elite Club space is built in a former optometry office. The large main classroom and open activity area is in the front of the suite. The computer lab features eight laptops, electronic microscopes, tablets, a 3D printer, and a 70-inch display for demonstrations. In the smaller rooms in the back, you'll find a tech center, Lego room,Computer Lab,Science Lab,Art Classroom,kitchen,Multipurpose Room.


Main Classroom

Flexible Activity Space

Computer Lab


Tech Center

Science Lab

Art Classroom


Vans for Pick-up

Lincoln Park

Climbing wall

After School: Services
After School: Our Philosophy

 2023-2024 School Year

Tuition and Fees | 2023-2024

Tuition and fees are based on annual enrollment and divided into 10 equal monthly installments from August to May.

Full-time enrollment (5 days per week):

  • 1st-5th Grade STEAM Program: $750/month

  • 1st-5th Grade STEAM+Mandarin or Spanish Program: $850/month

  • 1st-5th Grade STEAM+ 2 Language Program (Mandarin and Spanish): $950/month

  • Kindergarten STEAM+ Languages Program (Mandarin and Spanish): $1050/month


Materials fee: $30/month

5% sibling discount available

Transportation Service:

  • 5 days/week: $130/month


  • Kids Elite will only be offering transportation services for Edison, Otis, Earhart, and Bay Farm schools for the 2023-2024 school year. There's no transportation available for Bay Farm School Kindergartener 2023-2024.

  • Transitional Kindergarten (TK) after-school programs will no longer be offered.

  • Our fees Do Not cover the cost or enrollment for any non-school day camps.


  • If your child requires an EpiPen, please label it with their name and bring it to the Kids Elite after-school Program.

Refunds/Credits/Drop Policy​:

Kids Elite is a year-round program. Due to our obligations to our instructors, if you wish to end enrollment, a written email must be submitted one month prior to the beginning of the month you wish to discontinue classes. This also applies to new students who were registered and decided not to attend at the beginning of the school year. Without written notice, we will reserve your child’s class and you are responsible for full tuition for the upcoming month regardless of attendance. There are no partial refunds for unused days. Monthly tuition will not be prorated when a student drops a class. Refunds will be processed within 2 weeks.

Kids Elite Policy

Kids Elite has the right to deny admittance to any student/parent not meeting the standards of the program as it sees fit. Kids Elite has a strict rule against bullying, inappropriate language, misbehaving, harmful and unwanted physical contact, verbal abuse, or threats of any kind. 

Application Process

1. Parents interested in enrolling in the school should first complete the application form online.

Schedule a tour and interview 

2. Parents and students will be invited to a meeting at school for a pre-enrollment visit. After meeting with the teacher, the parent will be contacted to discuss the student’s behavior and compatibility with the environment

3. You will be notified by email of the school’s decision regarding your application.

4. Received the registration form by email and fill the registration form.

Returning Students 

For our returning students' registration links already emailed to parents, please fill out the registration form and pay the deposit and registration fee to complete the process.

For 2023-2024 the interview tour start on Dec 26th, 2022.

For 2024-2025 the interview tour starts from Dec 18th, 2023.


“My kindergartener spent a week at summer camp at Kids Elite. He had such a great time immersed in STEM activities supported with Mandarin. We've now enrolled him in aftercare and he continues to thrive -- singing songs and learning several new words each day.”

My son has been attending the after-school program and the summer camps at Kids Elite for the past 2 years. In addition to the enriching program, I am impressed that Kids Elite has been able to assemble a group of like-minded kids that are so disciplined; there are no bullies, bad behavior, or distracting antics, and the kids can concentrate on learning and doing projects.
One thing that I love about Kids Elite is that the older students are given responsibilities as an instructors and they lead and teach younger students. My son is building confidence and learning important leadership skills that he wouldn't have learned in a regular school setting or aftercare program.

We have tried multiple other aftercare and camps around Alameda and truly this is the best option.
My son looks forward to going to Kids Elite every day and loves all the teachers there. Kids Elite is the best!

Kids Elite has been amazing for our son. He entered kindergarten this year and we needed an afterschool care solution. Since we had just moved, we were unable to find somewhere to take him which is initially why we opted for Kids Elite because they had a space for him. What a stroke of luck!

He is a big lover of science and art and has flourished with the help of the attentive staff. He comes home every day so excited to tell us all about the project he completed that afternoon. Even though he is one of the younger kids at the school, he has formed friendships with all of the kids, even the older ones. The staff really strives for kindness and respect as a pillar of their program and it shows. They also do an excellent job of communicating how the students are doing and even go above and beyond customizing some of the curriculum based on kids' interests. If we had to do it over again, we'd choose Kids Elite again in a heartbeat. We truly could not recommend them enough.

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