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String Magic Exploring Water's Journey線條魔法:探索水的旅程

Explore the fun of science! This experiment delves into understanding the adhesion and cohesion of water molecules. Water molecules are attracted to each other, causing them to gather together, known as cohesion. When you moisten the string, water molecules stick to it, known as adhesion. These forces prevent water from simply dripping down; instead, it flows along the string to the bottom of the cup. Join in on this fascinating scientific experience and discover the wonders of nature together! ✨🔬 #ScienceExploration#WaterMolecules#AdhesionAndCohesion#ExperimentFun 探索科學的樂趣!這個實驗讓我們深入了解水分子的黏附和凝聚。水分子彼此間相互吸引,因此它們會聚集在一起,這就是凝聚力。而當你濕潤線條時,水分子會黏附在線條上,這就是黏附。這兩種力量讓水不再直接滴落,反而沿著線條流向杯子底部。一場有趣的科學體驗,讓我們一起發現自然的神奇! ✨🔬 #科學探索#水分子#黏附與凝聚#實驗有趣

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