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Kids Elite Offer STEAM + Multi-Language (Mandarin/Chinese and Spanish) After-school program, Summer Camps, Non-school Day Camp and weekend classes for all age.

Creating a dynamic environment for learning the foreign Language!

Creating an environment where students want to learn rather than have to learn!

we want students to be creative, self-directed learners we go beyond student engagement and into empowerment.

The empowered classroom is a shift from giving choices to inspiring possibilities.

It’s what happens when you move from making the subject interesting to tapping into student interests; when you go from saying

“you must learn this” to asking “what do you want to learn?”  

It’s a shift from taking assessments to assessing your own learning, it’s an iterative process full of mistakes that ultimately lead to success.
Kids become architects of their own learning, engaging in project management and collaborations. 

A.J. Juliani puts it this way:

Our job is not to prepare students for something. Our job is to help students prepare
themselves for anything. 

In other words, when we empower our students, they are able to own their learning forever.