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1429 High St Alameda

Quiet class time is provided for students to work on their individual homework assignments. Two staffs are available to answer questions and review completed homework.

Kids Elite After School Progam in Alameda 


 S.T.E.A.M program or S.T.E.A.M.L Program -choice of one language (Mandarin or Spanish).

 You may choice to learn both Mandarin and Spanish with adding an additional fee.

We may be able to accommodate your schedule.

Or provide private lessons.

Please contact us to arrange details.

Childcare is provided during early release days in addition to regular school days. Child care is billed at a flat monthly rate and is based on 180 AUSD calendar days of school (or for the 3 days,4 days of care pattern). 

The same amount is billed each month whether it’s for only 15 days in December, 10 days in August with early dismissal from 11:40 (K) or 12:30 (1-5G), or 23 days in Oct. This averages to be 20 days per period for 5 days a week of care or 13 days per period for 3 days a week of care.

This fee is included school day at dismissal time, including modified or early dismissal school days parents/Teacher conferences day, June has few days modified dismissal school day from 11:40(K) or12:30(1-5G)


Our fee DO NOT cover cost or enrollment for any non-school vacation camps. (Camp enrollments require separate forms and fees).

ABSENCES/NON-SCHOOL DAYS You must contact Kids Elite if your child will not attend Kids Elite for any reason. YOU MAY EITHER CALL or text 510- 872-0188. 1 OR JUST SEND AN E-MAIL TO BY 11: 00. NO REFUNDS, CREDITS OR MAKE-UPS ARE ALLOWED FOR ANY DAYS YOU MISS.